Charming the Highlander (Highlander Trilogy)

Charming the Highlander (Highlander Trilogy) - Janet Chapman The description of this book (even the paragraph here at Goodreads) is misleading... Yes, Grace is a rocket scientist. Yes, she meets Grey, transported from 12th century Scotland 4 years earlier, on a plane. Yes, the tiny prop job plane does crash. BUT... Grace has a baby with her, and the crash happens only a few miles away from home and help. The entire book isn't really about Grey and Grace trying to survive the crash and a wintry storm... it's about whether Grey and Grace are true matches, whether they can recognize it, whether they can bridge the gap in centuries and male-female relationships, and whether Grace can give her sister's baby to his true father, a blood-feud sworn enemy of Grey.This book can be a good read, if you're in the mood to allow quite a bit of suspension of belief and just want a fun romance with a sexy 12th century Highlander. But if you try to analyze it at all, the book either gets confusing or just plain falls apart. I'm giving it 3 stars because: 1. Grey is a sexy, alpha-male Highlander who's learned to mostly become a modern male. 2. It was a fun read. 3. It was very late when I finished the book.Will I read on in the series? Not sure. The problem is that my local library doesn't carry this series, and I'm not sure that I want to purchase another book, Kindle or otherwise, to see if the series is worth reading.Here are my thoughts about this book: SPOILERS AHEAD1. Pendaar: He's the magician/wizard behind the whole time travel thing. He's the one who knows that Grey's match is in the 21st century, while Grey is in the 12th century. In fact, if Grey and his match don't find one another, Pendaar's replacement wizard/magician will never be born. But no one - past or present - seems to know or trust Pendaar. Grey has no idea of any of this... he has no idea why he and 9 others (including 6 blood-feud enemies from another clan) were transported to the 21st century. He has no idea why Daar (Pendaar), the priest they find upon "arriving", helps them and trains them in the modern world, including how to drive. And why would they believe that simply because Daar said it, that Grey and his clansmen belonged in Maine? And should open a ski resort-spa in Maine???2. Grace: She's a rocket scientist, literally. So she's all about the science. But there's a lot about life and love that Grace has no idea. She learns that when her sister, Mary, dies and leaves Baby in her care. So Grace is in transition and has just come through some heavy-duty emotional stuff and is grieving when she meets Grey and this adventure begins. But Grace seems almost completely unable to cope with every-day life. She either relies on or gets used to Grey and his clan of big, strong Highland men to rescue her and take care of her, even as she attempts to assert her own independence. Grace insists that Grey help his neighbors, especially his sworn enemy, MacBain. And she threatens to not see him anymore unless he does. Grace even seems to bargain sex for Grey to bend to her will.Grace is confused. And confusing. She's been thrown into the midst of circumstances and emotions she's never dealt with before. So I try to give her credit for at least attempting to be strong... doing her best to be a mother to Baby... trying to have a life. But I can't help but be a little disturbed that Grey is constantly almost mauling Grace -- grabbing her and kissing her thoroughly, and Grace doesn't seem to have a problem with that. For all that Grey might be sexy and all, it seems difficult to believe that a modern woman could trust and want a relationship with a man who seems to be all about the physical and demands physical in return. Yes, Grey is also seen as a caring man who does his best to protect and care for Grace and Baby. But always on HIS terms... and as modern as he is, he's still got 12th century thinking about men and women. Oh, he believes that women are equals (but does he treat Grace that way, especially when he wants a kiss?), and he doesn't want to stand in the way of her career. But his actions, especially the intimate ones, are almost always because he grabs her. To be fair, Grace welcomes his attentions - she doesn't tell him no; in fact, she tells him yes, a lot. But how can Grace know or feel anything that is real in the midst of all of this?3. The threat: Yes, there must be a threat. And this time, it's because Grace is THE ONLY ONE who can decode the transmissions from a newly launched space pod to test her ion propulsion theories. Of course her boss is her current (or is it former) boyfriend... although neither of them are in love, and it turns out, they've never had sex (because Grace is a virgin). And of course this boss has sold out to the enemy, who's coming to take Grace and her precious technology away. And of course, only the combined forces of Grey, his sworn enemy MacBain (Baby's father), and Daar/Pendaar can stop that from happening.4. The "magic": There are a lot of blue lights, white lights, and black lights floating around. I think the blue light is supposed to be Mary, watching over Grace until she and Grey get together and Baby gets to his father. The white light has something to do with every time Grace and Grey kiss or have sex. And the black lights are obviously the evil coming for Grace. But... it's just weird.5. The resolution: Yes, this is a romance, so there is a happily-ever-after (HEA) in store. * Grace finally turns Baby over to his father with Grey's support.* Baby finally gets a name, Robbie.* Grace and Grey do get married... at the Summer Solstice celebration. Grace insists, rather belatedly, that Grey date her. And being modern and all, that "dating" means that they can have sex at will. Grace just refuses to live with Grey until they're married.* Michael MacBain and Grey's clan make up, realizing that their common past and grappling with the present and future mean they need one another. In fact, when Grace's six hulking step-brothers make a to-do about Grace being 4 months pregnant at her wedding, Michael takes sides with Grey's clan.* The bad guys, conveniently including Grace's boss and ex, are hurled through time by Pendaar/Daar... I think we're to assume that they land in the past -- the exact time is unknown.Cynical? Yes, I'm afraid by the light of day, I am. But if you read the book as I originally did, being willing to go with the flow and suspend a lot of questions and disbelief, it's a fun read.