How to Marry a Marquis (Lady Danbury's Influence Series #2)

How to Marry a Marquis - Julia Quinn I'm so enjoying this series by Julia Quinn! It rivals The Bridgerton series as my favorite among her works.In this book, we're reacquainted with James Sidwell, Marquis of Riverton. We met James in To Catch an Heiress, which is mostly Blake Ravencroft and Caroline Trent's story. As Caroline is running away from her latest guardian's home after he forced his son to try to rape her in an attempt to get the two of them married, Blake mistakes Caroline for a famous woman spy. Blake and James work for the War Office, and they're trying to nail Caroline's awful guardian for treason and more. Because Caroline doesn't want to go back to her guardian, she pretends to be the woman spy to buy time. And we know what happened there!In this book, we learn that James is the nephew of none other than the infamous Lady Danbury, to whom we were delighted by in the aforementioned Bridgerton series. I was quite happy to see Lady Danbury again, especially away from the London scene. Lady D has Elizabeth Hotchkiss as her companion. Elizabeth is the eldest of 4, and she's kept her family together as best as she can, despite the bare means they've been left with since their father's death. Her youngest sibling is Luke, who is the heir and a baronet. But Elizabeth realizes that despite her salary from Lady D, she won't be able to keep her family together much longer. And not accepting charity, she's determined her only option is to marry.She encounters an interesting book in Lady D's library: "How to Marry a Marquis", a treatise for young Regency ladies. Elizabeth has little practice with men, being that there are few unmarried men in their little village. So in desperation, she grabs the book to help her figure out what to do to get a man.Lady D has called James to help her uncover the culprit who is blackmailing her. James is pretending to be a humble steward, a man of the gentry without means. Of course, James is intrigued and attracted to Elizabeth. And of course, she is intrigued and attracted to him. Some of the funniest scenes are when Elizabeth practices the edicts from the ridiculous "How to Marry a Marquis" on James. Learning something of her family and situation, James decides to tutor Elizabeth. But he finds that he can't bear the thought of her marrying anyone but him. Except that he feels he cannot reveal his true identity until after he discovers his aunt's blackmailer.Hilarity, misunderstandings, kissing, boxing, and some tender moments ensue. And we meet Caroline and Blake again at Lady D's masquerade ball, where James is unwittingly unmasked by Caroline before he can tell Elizabeth the truth.-----------------A fun book that reads quickly and easily. Lots of laugh out loud moments, some pleasurable kissing scenes, and a few silly/sigh scenes where the reader watches the two of them fall in love. Great book - too bad there's not another in this series!!!