The Summer of You

The Summer of You - Kate Noble Thank you, Goodreads, for introducing me to Kate Noble!I adore the Blue Raven series so far... while there is some predictability in the plot, there are always fresh twists and delightful discoveries along the way.I never expected to like Byrne Worth. I didn't in the previous book, despite his being Marcus' brother. He did seem too broken and not ready to fully heal. Lady Jane Cummings was a somewhat minor character and a good archnemesis for Lady Philippa, but I wasn't sure that I liked Jane until she helped Philippa when Marcus was shot.This book is all about Lady Jane and Byrne. I appreciated that, despite Bryne's issues and having to deal those issues (addiction being a big one), there wasn't the angst that one might expect. Byrne might be the tormented hero, but he didn't milk it for all it was worth. He and Jane were clearly good together, from the start. I really enjoyed that the two of them found what they needed from one another in the time they spent alone. And yes, there were plenty of kisses and there was plenty of desire and wanting... but their relationship wasn't all about that. Their passion for one another spurred them both to live in the moment and enjoy one another for all of their unique qualities, not just the sparks.The highwayman sub-plot was only so-so. In fact, my only nit with this book is that there was so much potential in that sub-plot that wasn't explored at all. I suppose Ms. Noble was trying to put her own twists in there, thinking that readers would expect more to that plot and just how it would come to an end. But that particular end, and the ending, seemed to come on too quickly. And it certainly spoiled a perfectly good ball!Looking forward to reading more Kate Noble books!