Death In Kashmir

Death in Kashmir: A Mystery - M.M. Kaye This was my first M.M. Kaye book, and I found it a bit dry. There was humor, drama, mystery, romance, and thrills - of a sort. But IMO, the book dragged... too many red-herrings and too much description. And the mystery, itself, was unclear. Are we trying to catch the murderer? Figure out the message that Janet hid in the houseboat but wouldn't reveal a bit of?Sarah seemed a bit naive, too. For being in WWII service (WRAF), she trusted Charles too completely too soon. In fact, she was simply too trusting. Isn't that the usual downfall of the heroine in a mystery/thriller?The book is laid out in 3 parts, but it's really 2 parts: Part 1: Skiing in Gulmarg, where Sarah meets Janet and learns of some mysterious plot that could affect hundreds, thousands, or more lives and gets embroiled in the mystery of what the plot is and who murdered Janet and Mrs. Matthews. Part 2: The houseboat (Janet's) in Srinagar, where Sarah meets Charles and tries to determine, in earnest, what the plot is and who's behind it.I think I'll try another of Ms. Kaye's books, but perhaps one of her historical romances first.