A Wild Pursuit (Duchess Quartet Series #3)

A Wild Pursuit - Eloisa James This book was very satisfying for me, primarily because of Sebastian and Esme. I wondered how the author would get round all the sticky parts of their relationship and be able to allow them a measure of true happiness without too much of a sting from the "ton". Bravo! Some of the original book's comedy of errors and role-playing.And Stephen Fairfax-Lacy must be overjoyed by being the center of attention for 3 women at once! He's supposedly having an affair with Helene (Lady Godwin) while engaged to Esme and chasing Lady Beatrix! But we all know that his heart if following his body straight to Lady B. It's a saucy Benedick-Beatrice combo from "Much Ado About Nothing", but with a twist: Beatrice (Lady B) is supposedly a debauched and "experienced" young woman who is unmarriagable, but knows just how to seduce a man with her dress, her makeup, and her come-hither eyes. Benedick (Stephen) is tired of his life, which up til now has been his seat in Parliament. While she sees him as a Puritan, he sees her as the Devil - what a perfect match!And mothers make a showing here, too: Esme's mother who's way too prim and proper for her own good, and Sebastian's mother who only seems to be as rigid as her cane.Esme finally has her baby - a boy, William, who she can't love enough. Everyone is convinced William is so very like his Papa, Miles. But make sure to read the Epilogues, where a certain birth mark comes into play.Helene's estranged and wandering husband Rees also makes an appearance, as Helene attempts to make Rees jealous by throwing her "affair" with Stephen in Rees' face. Rees remarks that he wishes for what his friend Cam and his wife Gina have; Helene wants a child, but how will she ever have a child if Rees won't even touch her?At the end of this book, Helene is determined to get a child however she has to, even if it means scandal. She's almost torn apart watching Esme with William, and Gina's called Helene to stay with her for her (Gina's) last part of her pregnancy. Helene is surrounded by mothers and children, while her own arms and heart ache. From the description of the last book in this series, "Your Wicked Ways", it appears as if Helene and Rees figure dominantly. Will Helene get her child? Will she and Rees reconcile or finally just call it quits and go their separate ways? If divorce is out of the question (it takes an act of Parliament), will Helene find the lover she wants and needs to not only give her a child but to fill her heart and soul, too? Let's find out!