Warriors - Admittedly, I only read the story by Diana Gabaldon, "The Custom of the Army", which features Lord John Grey.It's quite an enlightening story, too! More about LJ's time in Canada, only briefly referred to in one of the later Outlander series books (and possibly in the Lord John Grey books, too).In light of the recently released "Lord John and the Scottish Prisoner", it was nice to get a glimpse of Charlie Carruthers, who's letter to LJ mentioning a traitor within the English army is the impetus for the new book's story. "The Custom of the Army" also introduces us to Manoke, who is also referred to in the later Outlander series books as LJ's cook and lover at LJ's wife's Virginia plantation. (Well, actually, his wife deeded the plantation to William, LJ's stepson. Outlander fans know the secret of William's birth. Enough said.)As always, I wanted MORE... more story, more explanation. I can only hope that we get more from Diana Gabaldon in either another LJ story or book or in the next Outlander book (#8), so far entitled, "Written in My Own Heart's Blood" aka MOBY.