Wedding the Highlander (Highlander Trilogy)

Wedding the Highlander - Janet Chapman A bit tame for the series, but a very enjoyable read. Libby (Elizabeth) Hart is a surgeon looking for a place to get away.... Her grandmother told her that she had a gift, but Libby never quite knew what that gift was until the day of a horrible train accident. In the trauma ward, the husband of a critically wounded older lady asked Libby to pray with him over his wife before her surgery. When Libby did, she felt herself surrounded by light and colors, and she felt herself enter the woman's body and locate the sources of the woman's trauma and injury; Libby felt herself heal the woman, but passed it off. In the operating room, as Libby was about to open the woman up, the surgery staff was wild-eyed... the x-rays, vital signs, and everything else pointed to the woman being completely fine - no trauma, no injury. Libby and the staff checked and triple-checked that this was the right woman; no one could explain what happened, and everyone, including Libby, was afraid. As Libby left the operating room, she felt the patients around her pull her - trying to get her to give them her healing gift, too. Libby ran, but remembered a young boy in a coma, Jamie; she went to Jamie's side and used her gift to heal him. Then Libby really did run, realizing it would be impossible to explain this gift she had... and unsure of how to use it. What does it all mean? Libby's grandmother is dead, and her mother isn't ready to face what Libby knows is the truth.So Libby packs her bags, asks her mom to do what she can for Libby with the hospital, sends a letter of apology and asks to be relieved from her hospital duties for awhile. Libby finds a home in Maine for rent - only $400. And the landlord is a young boy, Robbie MacBain. Robbie's newest "pet" is a white owl he's named Mary, after the mother he never knew. His mother died from injuries sustained in a car accident when she was 8 months pregnant with Robbie. Robbie's aunt Grace (Mary's sister) brought him back to his father, Michael MacBain... and their story is in book #1. But Mary has told Robbie that Libby is the right one to be there, and the right one for his father, Michael.Michael and Libby have an almost "instant" connection, as all the men and women seem to do in these books. But there is less ripping off clothes and more "magic"... Michael MacBain has accepted that magic brought him and 9 other men from 13th century Scotland to the present (12 years ago). Michael is, perhaps, one of the only men who can accept and embrace Libby's healing gift without question. But can Libby trust Michael with her secret? And can Michael share his with Libby? The last woman he told (Mary) ran away, and she died before he could see her again. Can Michael trust in love again enough to love Libby? And what about everything Libby walked away from - her career, the "magic" healings, and James a long-time friend and surgeon?---------------The chemistry between Michael and Libby didn't seem so forced or rushed in this book. It felt more organic. And while they had an instant attraction, even their relationship seemed more "real". Michael's protectiveness was balanced with his sensibilities; Michael MacBain embraces this "modern" world as much as he's able and still retains himself and his warrior instincts.The mystery of Robbie is starting to enfold, as well. And Winter, Grey and Grace's seventh daughter born on the winter solstice has finally arrived. It's an easy read with a bit of steam and a lot of acceptance... fun for a wintery night, when you've got a hot cup of cocoa or coffee and nothing better to do than to melt into a fantasy about a giant of a Highlander man!