Death at Wentwater Court (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries, No. 1)

Death At Wentwater Court  - Carola Dunn Fun book! I think I've found a new set of enjoyable mysteries to read!The Honorable Daisy Dalrymple is a twenty-something daughter of a viscount, but her father is dead (influenza after WWI) and her brother died serving in the war. Rather than be banished to the dower house, living with her mother and at the good graces of her finicky cousin who inherited the title, Daisy has decided to seek work on her own. She's just gotten a job as a feature writer for Town and Country. Daisy is astute enough to use her connections to get her into the most fascinating and least-glimpsed homes of the wealthy. And Daisy invented a photographer (Carstairs), so she can take her own photos and get twice the pay!In her first adventure, Daisy finds herself at Wentworth Court, home of Lord Wentworth (50s) and his new wife, Annabelle (a couple of years older than Daisy). Daisy is acquainted with Lord Wentworth's sister, Lady Josphine and some of the the Wentworth prodigy. But a stranger is visiting, Lord Stephen - a 40-something man with a wicked gleam in his eye and a distinct preference for the new Lady Annabelle Wentworth. Is Lord Stephen only flirting or is something more going on here? Annabelle seems uncomfortable in his presence, but if they're having an affair, is it only because Lord Stephen is so attentive in front of her new family? And why is Lord Stephen here, anyway?The next morning, Daisy goes to the pond to skate with James Wentworth and his fiancee, only to discover Lord Stephan face down inside a hole in the ice. Daisy brought her camera and snaps a few pictures, then sends James to the house to summon the police. Since Lord Wentworth has some sort of beef with the local constabulary, Lady Josephine's husband, Hugh, uses his contacts to get a Detective Chief Inspector from Scotland Yard - someone discreet with good judgement. The DCI is nearby because of a recent burglary of a neighboring Lord; most of the jewels of the family and the Lord's guests were stolen the night of the Lord's ball.Daisy and the DCI are instantly attracted to one another. He's impressed with an "honorable" being so forthright and observant. Daisy doesn't look down on him for being middle-class; in fact, she even sees to it that he gets lunch! For her part, Daisy is intrigued by the good-looking and very capable DCI. She shows him her photos, and he agrees that the marks on the ice look as if made by an axe. This isn't an accidental drowning, unfortunately. Because all his men are currently occupied with the jewel robbery, Daisy agrees to take notes during the first interviews of the occupants of the house. And since people seem to open up to Daisy, many of the family prefers to have Daisy around to support them during their interrogations.But the mystery continues to deepen as the coroner discovers that Lord Stephen didn't drown in pond water, but rather in bath water with bath salts. And the time of death isn't early morning, but late at night.Who's behind this murder? And does it have any connection to the jewel thefts?---------------Thoroughly enjoyable book! Good mystery! The author didn't cheat us of information; we might not have received it until the DCI or Daisy did, but that didn't stop us from having all the clues before us.I liked Daisy and DCI Alex. Hoping that their partnership continues in both professional and personal ways!