Damsel in Distress (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries, No. 5)

Damsel in Distress - Carola Dunn Another fun Daisy Dalrymple mystery! In this one, Philip Petrie is in love - with an American auto heiress. But said heiress is kidnapped in the country around Philip's and Daisy's homes. Initially, Philip is taken, too, since he's at the kidnapping site and saw the kidnappers. But when he tries to help them escape, Philip finds himself battered, with a concussion, looking up at Daisy's cousin, who is now the Viscount. He's on Daisy's home site!Philip contacts his beloved's father, a Mr. Arbuckle, who insists that no police be brought in. The ransom note he received was very specific: no coppers or the girl is dead. But Philip knows that Daisy is as good as the police, and she's more than happy to help when she gets his urgent telegram. The problem is, how can Daisy round up some helpful friends to scour the countryside and keep her cousin, his sharp wife, her mother, and Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher from knowing what's going on? Alec is expected that weekend to meet Daisy's mother.When Daisy goes missing, too, there's no holding Alec back...-------------As I said, a fun read - a good read. The kidnapper's identity isn't difficult to ascertain, but I did expect another twist to the story -- one I'm glad didn't occur.At the end of this tale, both Daisy and Philip are engaged. Not to one another: Philip to his American auto heiress, and Daisy to Alec. It looks as if Philip will become a technical adviser to Mr. Arbuckle, so he'll have work that suits him. Which likely means that we'll see less of Philip in upcoming stories.But oh, what might we see of Daisy and Alec?