Murder on the Flying Scotsman (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries, No. 4)

Murder on the Flying Scotsman  - Carola Dunn Of the 4 books I've read, this is one of my favorites. The plot seemed to move along well - it didn't get dragged down or stop all together. And while there are many characters and the family relationships are a bit confusing at first, there was more "life" to these characters.Perhaps because Alec and Daisy have more personal interaction? Perhaps because Alec's daughter, Belinda, takes center-stage, and she's not only precocious, but delightful? Whatever the reason, this is a charming cozy-mystery! Some might choose to criticize the prejudice towards Dr. Chandra Jagai, but to do so is the height of ignorance; Ms. Dunn isn't putting forward her own attitudes or values, she's reflecting those of the 1920s in Britain (and in most of the world, if truth be known). Just as the attitudes towards the revelation of a gay relationship in the previous book... Daisy, especially, represents our more "modern" and accepting point-of-view. Alec is a close second, but even he struggles a bit with the current "rules" and POV of society; luckily, his conscience wins each time, and Alec *always* treats each and every person with respect.The "whodunnit" isn't rocket-science. And while Ms. Dunn valiantly provides us with ample suspects and several red herrings, it's getting to the reveal that makes it fun. Truly a good read!