Death at Rottingdean (Charles and Kate Sheridan Series #5)

Death at Rottingdean - Robin Paige All the books in this series are fun reads... not too deep, but very cozy. Lady Charles (Kathryn) and Lord Sheridan (her husband, Charles) are a fun couple. I was sad to see that the authors chose to go the route of Kathryn having a miscarriage due to measles and being told she can never have children. While I understand that would get in the way of the adventures that the two have together, it always seems like a cheap and sad way to make it so. I'm hoping that down the line, Kate does conceive again and that the two have at least one healthy child.The smuggling mystery is quite a good one - not something that I guessed, and I'm a pretty good guesser, being a mystery fan. I was intrigued by Rudyard Kipling, his wife, and his aunt being in this book as the historical persons (among those who were apparently real people in Rottingdean). And I'm hoping that the boy, Patrick, will show up in at least one more of Kate's and Charles' adventures.Solid book - good plot, not easy to guess the full story, and very entertaining.