Highland Obsession

Highland Obsession - Dawn Halliday I accidentally requested this book from the library, thinking it was by Monica McCarty, whose Highlander books I love. MISTAKE! Monica gave a glowing review to this book, but why, I don't know.The "story" is a thin plot that revolves around sex scenes - mostly unimaginative and very repetitious. Everyone gets busy with everyone, even more than one partner at a time... The only character with any real depth is a whore, Grainne! The Hero seems more like the Villain most of the time. The Heroine seems too put-upon and wide-eyed, trying too hard to please her new husband. The Villain, if he can be called that, is simply a randy earl and friend of the Hero. And they were the type of friends who shared their sexual conquests in the past. So is it any wonder that the Villain, who previously bedded and took the Heroine's virginity, thinks that the Heroine belongs to him, despite the fact that she just married the Hero, his best friend? This confusing book really isn't for thinking. It's only for titillation, and IMO, doesn't do a good job of even that. I realize romance books often tow the line between vulgar and tasteful in the sex scenes between Hero and Heroine. But this book doesn't try to be anything other than what it is: a full-blown sex feast, and not in a good way (if there is such a thing). I hesitate to even shelf it as a romance.Don't get me wrong, I'm not against steam. I'm simply against raw, vulgar sex for sex's sake. This isn't a story or a romance, it's a porn film on paper with about as much depth and story.