Healing the Highlander (Daughters of the Glen)

Healing the Highlander (Daughters of the Glen) - Melissa Mayhue This is Drew's story (Andrew)... and Leah's continuing story. Both of them are not fond of the Fae. Drew because he blames the Fae for the injuries that prevent him from being of any use (he thinks); while trying to save his sister Sallie and his cousin Mairi from Nuadian Fae, Drew's leg was badly injured - cut by a sword. He's in daily pain and must constantly exercise to keep from being crippled. He's bitter that his life has become something other than his dreams. He doesn't believe he'll ever have a wife or family... that he'll ever be of true use to anyone. Drew's searched high and wide for any cure, never finding what he seeks.Leah doesn't want anything to do with the Fae also because of her experiences with Nuadian Fae. They used her to feed their Bloodlust and to heal them... and they tried to breed her for more half-Fae to feed on. Leah wants only to be Normal - she doesn't ever want to use her healing gift.You'd think these two would compare notes at some time in the story, right? Discover how much they have in common? Discover that the Nuadian Fae are the reason for their miseries? But no. This is the only part of the book I was disappointed in; I felt the author missed a great opportunity, even if it was at the end of the book, to help both Leah and Drew heal completely - to cement their bond.Yes, this is a story of healing. And as is the way of the Fae, it's never what one expects. Leah's been at MacQuarrie Keep these past 12 years, since Robert claimed her as his daughter when they time traveled back. After Robert left, Leah continued in her role - his parents knew who and what she was and kept her secret. But Robert's elder brother (Richard/Dick), who was disowned after marrying an English woman and disavowing his name and heritage to be part of the English court, suddenly reappears and claims MacQuarrie Keep in the name of the English king. And takes over, going so far as to imprison his own elderly father at the top of the tower in a drafty room unfit for any man or beast. AND Richard (Dick) has decided that as now head of the family, he will marry Leah off to an English lord - an old man who's already killed countless wives because they couldn't bear him a son.When Robert brought her back, he gave his mother an envelope with a letter of introduction to the Dun Ard folks (Mairie's family, the MacAllisters). He instructed Leah and his mother to make use of this contact if and when necessary; and both knew that this family has Fae blood. Leah's refused to have anything to do with them. Until now. Leah has no choice but to go to Dun Ard for help.Along the way, she falls into a river... and is pulled out by none other than Andrew/Drew. Drew promises to take her to Dun Ard, but he never reveals that he's connected with Dun Ard. As they journey, they try to avoid the English soldiers trying to find Leah; but when they come to a monastery that Drew uses often, who else should be there but the very knight and English soldiers they're trying to avoid? To keep Leah safe, Drew claims that she's his wife and has nothing to do with Leach MacQuarrie. But the knight doesn't buy it; he makes it plain that the woman he seeks looks just like Drew's Leah and has the same name. The knight figures he'll keep a close eye on Leah and return her when it pleases him to do so; if the English lord that Leah is betrothed to dies without an heir, this knight will receive the title.After returning to Dun Ard, Blaine (the laird and Drew's cousin) decides that it's too risky to help the MacQuarries, especially with the English knight and soldiers around. The knight says that when Drew and Leah are married in a church wedding, he and his men will be gone. But not long after the wedding, the knight captures Leah and returns her to MacQuarrie Keep. You see, the BIG MISUNDERSTANDING between these two is that Leah thinks Drew only wants to use her for her healing powers. And while Drew did think that he could get Leah to heal him, he has no idea what that gift costs her to use. And, of course, they fall in love but neither will admit it to the other. Which is why Leah escaped.Drew and his men use the secret entrance that Leah told them about to get into MacQuarrie Keep and to rescue Leah and her grandparents. But they're discovered and a fight ensues. Richard's young son tries to help by running from his room with a small sword; but he trips and falls down the stairs, impaling himself. Leah's grandmother strikes a bargain with the English: if Leah heals the lad (returns him to life), the English go away for good. For whatever reason, they agree; I guess Richard is supposed to not be all bad and really love his son, and the knight isn't supposed to be such a bad guy either. Leah does heal the boy, but he was so close to death that it literally almost kills her to do so.And then we get our HEA... which comes hard and fast, it seems.