Yours, Unexpectedly

Yours, Unexpectedly (Wild Ride to Love) - Susan Fox I'm really on the fence about this book... I wondered what Merilee's problem was, and it seems as if she's been pregnant this whole time. Or did I miss something? Because I don't remember M&M having unprotected sex (or it being mentioned) in the past 3 books. But if you try to tell me that she passes a pregnancy test after 1 time of unprotected sex on a 7-day cruise and comes up pregnant before the cruise is over (verified by doctor's pregnancy tests on-board the ship), I'll scream. So we're either supposed to believe that, like her parents, the birth control failed or... Perhaps the idea is that she got off the pill after her surgery or she was on antibiotics, which nulls the pill. So any sex that she and Matt had "bareback" as they were used to doing with her on the pill was unprotected. OK, maybe I can live with that, as I work it out as I write this review...BUT... OK, I see now that Merilee's been suffering from the Who Am I and Am I Really In Love syndrome. Matt & Merilee have been each others almost sole/soul support for the past 14 years. It's obvious they're in a groove before this book even begins. So I can see that Merilee would reconsider if Matt is the Love Of Her Life after seeing what happens to her sisters in the previous 3 books. Are they in love or just used to one another?And when we see Matt's POV (in 3rd person as opposed to Merilee's 1st person - still jars me), it makes even more sense. Matt has been holding part of himself back, too, going with the flow. Both of them have been playing "nice" to get the attention and affection from others (their family) that they crave. In doing so, it looks as if Matt's the one who's most pushed his own interests in the background, to be there for Merilee and his Mom. It's easier to go along then not. And Matt's afraid that he's like his father, who physically abused his mother (very bad temper and quick fists) and then ran out on them when Matt was very young.So both Matt and Merilee have to discover themselves. OK.Here are the problems with the rest of this book:1. They both decide to go on their non-refundable honeymoon cruise. Even though they decided separately and had the skirmish at the airport, they know they're going to share a room. Seems odd to me, even if you go with the roommate theory and separate the beds.2. Yes, they've known each other for 14 years, but what they're discovering about one another and themselves individually is WAAAAY TOO BIG for 7 days and this one book. Especially since they can't stay away from one another or keep their hands off each other for more than a day or so.3. The pregnancy is just too convenient, and IMO, not a good way to resolve M&M's issues. Even though the author tries to make it so that they both acknowledge the issue and seem to both overcome that as the sole reason to get married... it just seems as if they're setting themselves up for more heartache and heartbreak. They still have a long way to go, and the baby only complicates matters. Again, it forces an intimacy and commitment between these 2 people. I don't know why the author couldn't just leave them as dating and seeing where it goes, rather than complicate it all with pregnancy.What I *did* like was Matt's talk with Nav - that he reached out to another man for advice. But this is only a start.I also liked the full circle with the sisters and mother. While I still felt the author put too much emphasis on the parents' mistakes, it did seem as if everyone was trying to take their fair share of the responsibility.Just not sure that THIS is the book that should have ended the series. In some ways, each book after book #1 went a little downhill.