Lord of Fire (Knight Miscellany Series #2)

Lord of Fire - Gaelen Foley Really enjoyed Lucien's and Alice's story, although I was convinced that this was going to be a throw-away book in the first few chapters.Some of the story might have gone over-the-top with Lucien's antics at his country home - reminiscent of The Hellfire Club. But once it was (finally) explained what he was doing and why, it was easier to read and fit into the overall story.Alice does seem a bit too Goody-Two-Shoes at first, and perhaps her falling for Lucien (and his falling for her) does happen almost too quickly. But it's so sweet... I totally see Lucien longing for someone like Alice - someone who is sweet, pure (in the sense that she's not running from bed to bed), intelligent, caring... Someone to put HIM first. Someone to not compare him with his twin. Someone to understand him.And then there's the spy parts with Bardou. Lucien gets a bit off-track as he goes for revenge, and yet, the reader understands why - it's not just revenge, but Lucien wants to be sure that he has a future with Alice free-and-clear of his worst enemy. If ONLY Lucien would explain that to Alice!TBM might seem a bit much a bit late in the story, but it provides a means for Lucien and Alice to spend time without the other - to see how life is apart. I panicked when Damien tried to undo the "damage" that Lucien did to Alice by proposing!But in this book, all's well that ends well, and this ends well.