Lord of Ice (Knight Miscellany Series #3)

Lord of Ice - Gaelen Foley 3.5-4 starsWasn't sure that I'd like this one as well as Lucien's story... Damien was definitely ICY and remote. And I'm not sure about the author's treatment of PTSD - she gives a valiant effort, and we see that it's affecting Damien; it's the resolution and treatment of his PTSD that's glossed over.However, Miranda is a spirited Heroine who can understand Damien, like Alice could understand his twin, Lucien. (A lot between Damien and Lucien is resolved by the end of this book, and that's a very good thing.) And while Miranda fits the age profile of young ladies between 17-22 marrying men of 30+, she almost seems too young for him; and the author spends a great deal of time addressing the age difference in the form of her being his ward.The mystery part and the bad guy are almost silly - melodramatic to the max, especially the resolution. But it gives the author an excuse to remind us of how the times were, especially for women. And Miranda gets a great excuse to meet the Knight family and their wives, so we, the readers, are treated to more time with them, too.Although... it seems as if Bel as the Duchess is being received, despite her "shady" associations as a courtesan from the first book, "The Duke". I don't think that Society would quite forgive that so easily, but this is fiction. And perhaps because Bel so wonderfully fits into the ton and knows how to play the game, her being a Duchess was enough to forgive all - especially with her fashion sense?I got a bit irritated with Miranda when Damien is called back to war. We all knew that Napoleon didn't stay on Elba, so we knew that it was likely before this book ended. At least when push came to shove, Miranda bucked up and did the right thing for her, Damien, and their marriage; but I could have used a bit less whining and crying.Loved the Epilogue - perfect.