Her Man Flint

Her Man Flint - Jerri Drennen 2.5 starsThere are a lot of elements of this book that draw the reader in... but overall, it's very uneven. There is a lot of fighting and nonsense between the 2 main characters, Flint and Adriana; I understand that's supposed to be part of the charm of the book, but it started to grate on my nerves. It's so obvious that these two are in love, but neither one can really talk to the other.There's a lot of action and a little mystery. Problem is, the mystery just doesn't really have time to "set" in-between all the lovers' quarrels and action. There are a few funny moments and disguises, but then the ending just sort of rises up and smacks you in the face. And it's too pat... too wrapped up. I actually said to myself, "Is that it?"Promise here, but just not enough. I'm glad it was a freebie.