The Highlander's Time

The Highlander's Time - Belladonna Bordeaux My issues with this book are:1. The book feels like a first draft. It needs more plot and character development. We're simply thrown into the story, which would be OK, except there isn't much of a story.2. The description is somewhat misleading. What has a contemporary LA-diva and her frustrated two assistants (a la "The Devil Wears Prada") got to do with time-traveling to ancient Scotland? Oh, yes. It's "the Veil" - that mini-tornado thing that somehow knows how to grab people out of their own time and time-travel them into the past. The Veil's whole purpose is to create true love matches. So why does the Veil grab 2 extra people?3. The hero and heroine barely know one another, and they're falling into bed and then suddenly hand-fasted. Now, sometimes the falling into bed right away thing is OK. But there wasn't much chemistry between these two. There wasn't much narrative or dialogue about or between these two. SUDDENLY he grabs her and throws her into bed; rather than the cave-man, dominant lover thing, he tenderly makes love to her... and she goes with it and for it. Hmmmm....4. The story, itself. There doesn't seem to be a middle or an end. It's possible that this is the beginning of a series, but... just not enough here to make me want to read or buy more.