Winning the Wallflower (Fairy Tales, #2.5) - Eloisa James 3.5 starsThis is a charming little novella that shows the true power that women have -- only available once we realize just who we are and what we want. It's a tidy little lesson in self-confidence and in seeing ourselves through others' eyes. Yes, sometimes others' eyes can be harsh; but often, our own are so much harsher.Lady Lucy Towerton is engaged to be married to Cyrus Ravensthorpe. Ravensthorpe is quite tall, quite beautiful, and quite aloof. He asked Lucy's father for her hand, but never asked her. He spends time each day with Lucy - at the appropriate hour for the appropriate amount of time and no mnore, yet he shows no personal interest in her; despite being engaged, he's never asked to call her by her first name nor given her permission to call him by his. Yet Ravensthorpe isn't part of the aristocracy; he's amassed wealth and position, but no title. Lucy's father is a baronet, low on the title totem pole, but titled.But Lucy is tall - taller than most men, and thus she rues her unfortunate last name "TOWERton". Lucy also doesn't feel in the least pretty; she thinks she's plain and dull. A wallflower happier hanging out with the dowager duchesses than those her own age. But now, one of Lucy's aunts has left her a vast fortune, and Lucy's mother is determined that her daughter can do better than an untitled merchant.Lucy doesn't want to break the engagement, because she's sure she'll never find another man to her liking, and probably not a man taller than she is. But her friend, Olivia, shows Lucy that she deserves better than the cool, aloof Ravensthorpe, and so Lucy screws her courage to the sticking point and breaks the engagement. Ravensthorpe is a bit surprised, and in the heat of the moment, the wallflower Lucy shows her true colors - she's passionate, vibrant, and anything BUT a wallflower!Perhaps it's that she's no longer his? Perhaps it's the spark that he sees in her, but suddenly, Cyrus Ravensthorpe can't think of anything but Lucy and winning her back. He goes against his own strict views and discipline that have gotten him thus far in life to pursue her.But can he win her heart?----------------A light, fluffy, sweet confection that's as welcome as a luscious bon-bon. It melts slowly and sweetly over the palate and leaves a satisfying smile on your face.