Emma's Chance--A Short Story -Prologue to Second Chances

Emma's Chance--A Short Story--Prequel to Second Chances - Tess St. John 3+ starsThis is the short story that gives readers the info on how/when Emma escaped her father and married the "ancient" Earl of Easton, Harmon Westbourne. Harmon is in his 70s, but one of his servants is related to one of Emma's servants, and the servants begged the earl to save Emma from a horrid fate - a marriage her father "sold" her into with a man suspected of killing his first wife. Even if the man didn't kill his wife, he's obviously cruel and would likely beat Emma. Emma is only 15 years old.Emma's father, although seen only in a short glimpse in this story, locks her in her room for bad behavior. The problem is, Emma's never quite sure what the "bad behavior" was... anything her father thinks it is. That very day, he struck Emma hard when she returned from a ride alone. Emma wasn't sure why he hit her - he never had before, and he didn't tell her before he locked her in her room. When she's locked in her room, she's not allowed food or water or company.Which is why the servants, knowing how kind and gentle Emma is, decided to take her fate into their own hands by asking the earl to rescue her.And rescue her, he does. He whisks her away to Gretna Greene to be married. Harmon promises Emma that he won't press his marital rights; he wants a companion, and someone to balance his account books for him. Emma gladly accepts.While short, it's a good read before "Second Chances".