Bitsy and the Biker

Bitsy and the Biker - Walter L. Kleine;Linda Suzane 3.5-4 stars 2nd readOK, now that I've read these books in the right order with all the little prequels and what-nots that lead into this story read, too, the story makes much more sense to me. I appreciated the story and its characters so much more.Yes, some of my nits are still there, such as the words thing ("dolman" and "thongs" among them). But somehow, I wasn't as irritated by Maxie's indecision between Breslyn and Julian; the triangle didn't feel as forced to me or as drawn out. I had a better understanding of each of the characters (especially Julian and Breslyn), and so I was able to empathize a bit more with Maxie's indecision and final choice.1st read: (August 27, 2012)Hmmm... I didn't find myself exactly "spellbound" reading this book... and I'm not sure exactly why. I think, in part, I had to keep putting it down, so I wasn't really able to read it in one fell-swoop or in lengthy increments, as I usually do.PART of that distraction had to do with words... Not sure where the author is from, but... The author uses the word "dolman" to refer to the standing stones (several times). However, "dolman", according to the Oxford English Dictionary is noun a long Turkish robe open in front. a woman’s loose cloak with cape-like sleeves. Whereas "dolmEn" is noun a megalithic tomb with a large flat stone laid on upright ones, found chiefly in Britain and France. Seems to me that the author would know the difference or at least look up the word's spelling... or that an editor would catch it?Same thing with "thongs" - the author uses this word (plural) to refer to racy, lacy undies, when the item, itself, is singular. (Yes, I understand I just used "undies" plural to refer to underwear. But the individual thing is singular, not plural.) And the plural only brings to mind that Maxie was wearing more than one pair of undies (thongs) or that what was removed from her body was her sandal thongs, which isn't nearly as sexy.OK, OK, I'm a technical writer, so words, grammar, and spelling matter to me. And little things like these annoyed me and distracted me; I had to leave the story to get the meaning of the word - thank goodness for Kindle's built-in dictionary! But then I found myself having to go to the web and Wikipedia... which, in a way, helped me to research more about the Fae myth and legend. So, while I learned more about the Fae and the wealth of resources on the web, I wasn't spending my time reading the story.I think, too, that the book felt drawn out to me. The triangle between Julian, Maxie, and Breslyn felt forced. Maxie's indecision didn't help, either. I understand it would be difficult when faced with a Fae Prince and a man you've dreamt about but who continually pulls away from you... but still. There was just so much tension and so much unknown for so long, I felt my attention span wane.To me, this story could have been compacted into at least 1/2. Get rid of a lot of the silly interplay between the love triangle, put Shamon's story more upfront, and get into the meat of the story: the traitorous Fae and Lami DuLane.I realize that the story is mostly from Maxie's POV, so we're supposed to be introduced to this brave new world through her. Problem is, the author hides several things that Maxie knows until the time when she needs to pull them out or is remembering them. Somehow, remembering an event isn't quite like living it. It's not as if we, the readers, discover things at the same time that Maxie does (well, except which man she'll end up with), so I don't understand the literary device. However, I really do enjoy the Fae Queen and Breslyn. And the Slaugh Fae will be mighty entertaining! In some ways, these books remind me of Karen Marie Moning's "Fever" series, except not quite so dark and dystopian. But the impending doom of the Unseelie being released and many of the parts of the mythology the author brings forward are reminiscent of KMM's series.I *liked* this story, I just didn't love it. But I'm going forward with the next story in the series - partly because they're inexpensive and partly because I'm intrigued enough about what happens to Maxie and Julian, but especially to Breslyn and Ete.