Faelan (Connor Clan #0.5)

Faelan (Connor Clan #0.5) - Anita Clenney 4+ starsWOW! This book is even better than when I read it for the first time!Honest Disclaimer: Yes, I did a beta read for Anita Clenney on this book a few weeks ago. The story was awesome then, but it's even better now!I love finding out more about the Connor clan - especially how Faelen became the warrior and the man he is. I loved getting to know his family better... become a part of their world and lives for awhile. I loved, loved, loved the details about the Council, the talismen, the Book of Battles, the mysterious beginnings of the copy of the Connor clan castle in upstate New York, and Faelen's battle with Druan - the one that put him in the time vault that Bree opened in Book 1 [b:Awaken the Highland Warrior|9645632|Awaken the Highland Warrior (Connor Clan, #1)|Anita Clenney|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347500976s/9645632.jpg|14533105]. This is an awesome book for those who haven't yet read the Warrior series, and even more for those who are anxiously awaiting the 3rd book in the series.If you like alpha men in kilts fighting for good against evil (demons, halflings, vampires, etc.) then you really need to read this book!