Warrior's Bride (The Stones of Destiny, #2)

Warrior's Bride (The Stones of Destiny, #2) - Gerri Russell OK, can I just say that I LOVE this book? I like it much better than the 1st book, and that one was good.But I have to also admit that I'm racing through a couple of Highlander series right now and I might get my stories and H/Hs mixed up.So I *will* say that I LOVE Wolf! I LOVE Isobel! I had a tough time, at first, figuring out what this story has to do with the first; I surmised it's just about the STONES - like, duh! The series is called "Stones of Destiny", and this story is about the Seer Stone of Destiny.Lots of good alpha male Hero/Warrior stuff - gruff man "does the right thing" and falls in love... age-old romance formula, but Russell really works it with Wolf. Isobel's fears and abuses make her especially fragile, which is why watching her overcome those fears is so wonderful. Love, love, love that Wolf is a glass-master, even though it seems odd. (But what do I know?)Not too hard to figure out who's behind what, or who the traitor is in their midst. But there's good resolution, when even Wolf must learn to stand up for what HE knows is right and true, even if it means his own death.Good read!