In Bed with a Highlander (McCabe Trilogy, #1)

In Bed with a Highlander (McCabe Trilogy, #1) - Maya Banks 3.5-4 starsHaving just read [b:Never Seduce A Scot|13360101|Never Seduce a Scot (The Montgomerys and Armstrongs, #1)|Maya Banks||18588471], I see a definite pattern in Banks' Highlander books. There are echoes between the 2 series and the plot devices used in both.But I have to say that I enjoyed the book. Mairin is a feisty heroine; she's got the requisite "good heart" and intelligence. She's been sheltered by nuns most of her life, and yet she's open. I like that she doesn't just sit back and allow others to decide her fate! She's got all the men on their toes!Ewan is another romantic at heart, despite being the tough laird struggling for the past eight years to get his clan back on their feet. He's got the alpha-male qualities, and yet, he's got that soft spot - for his son, Crispin, and for Mairin. Lots of great characters in this book that I look forward to getting to know more in the other 2 books in the series: Ewan's brothers, Alaric and Caelen. (I'm probably most looking forward to Caelen's story!) Cormac and Gannon - I sure hope that Gannon finds a good woman in this series! Love little Crispin! Love Maddie and Christina, and even Gertie! I'm anxious to see more of Rionna - she's a character! And it makes me wonder what will happen with Gretchen, too.Once again, the treachery within the clan... the enemies within and without. One had to wonder why Ewan would give up the proof of his consummating the marriage with Mairin. (Poor girl! I love her opinion about how "unskilled" Ewan was in loving! It was only justice, and it made him do his best to make up for it!) And while there's plenty of tension and suspense about what will happen - what will the ruling be on Mairin's marriage and dowry... well, since it's the 1st of a series, it's always possible that it would have a HEA ending. I almost wish the author hadn't given in to that pressure and allowed us to sweat a bit more.Pushing on into book #2!