Stealing Mercy - Kristy Tate,  Nathan Tate According to her bio, this is Kristy Tate's first book. I liked the book, and it's a good read.BUT... my attention waned, mostly because of Mercy's vacillating over whether to tell Trent the truth of her story. The story felt uneven - especially in the present day story. I never quite grasped what the story of the present-day story was all about. Who is Odious to the mysterious woman in the present - Mrs. Michaels? Does that mean that her husband, Gregg, was related to the Michaels family, and thus to Odious? If so, they couldn't have been close relations... The main story of Mercy, Trent, Eloise, Miles, Georgiana, and Mr. Steele is fascinating. And yet, uneven, too. The author seems to hold back details that might have helped the reader understand the story and the characters better. So much is hinted at, and yet not all of the pieces come together in the end. For example, there's a scene in the middle of the book where one of the "bad guys" is shot while stabbing someone seeking revenge. All we hear is the gunshot, and then all we see is the scene that Mercy sees - gruesome, to be sure. But what really happened? I suppose we can piece it together. And yet, would it have hurt for the author to show us that scene through one of the eyes of one of the people in that room?The "mystery" involving who is whom among the characters is also not entirely satisfying. There's one character, especially, who comes and goes like a black ghost, and when we finally learn what's going on, it's a bare glimpse - enough to get the gist, but not enough to fill in the blanks.When I'd finished the book, I wanted so much more! I completely understand withholding the full story until the end of the book, doling it out in pieces. But when I finish a book, I like to have a much better, more solid picture of what I just read. Mercy and Trent made me care about them enormously! And Lucky Island and the girls and Georgiana... what happened? We can put pieces together for Eloise and Miles and Chloe, but there's so much more. I feel as if my DVR cut off the last 20 minutes of a movie! It's frustrating! If I were the sort who didn't usually put things together quickly or didn't almost always solve the whodunnit in the first few chapters of the book, I'd just think that I'd missed something that I should have seen. But I would definitely give another book by Ms. Tate a try.