Surrender (MacKinnon’s Rangers, #1)

Surrender (MacKinnon’s Rangers,  #1) - Pamela Clare Next to "Outlander" and Jamie & Claire, this is probably the BEST Highlander romance/story that I've ever read! OMG, I can't believe it - but this book so pulled me in... I couldn't put it down.I loved reading about the colonies and the "French-Indian War" with Scottish Highlander "outcasts" and the British army. So much history, color, and "flavor" of the times was filled in for me from Diana G's Outlander series. This book takes place about 12 years after Culloden and 10-12 years before Jamie & Claire come to America. So there's so much I learned about Ticonderoga and upstate New York... the battles for Fort Ticonderoga long before the Revolutionary War battles. I wept for Annie (Lady Anne) and all that she endured... Her horrid uncle, her imprisonment, her "life" in the colonies as an indentured slave. Then to face the French and hostile Indians, intent on raping and murdering her! Her courage was amazing, despite her youth and naivete about life in those times. Iain and his brothers... well, you feel their hatred and frustration towards Lord William. And yet, the balance between Lord William and the Mackinnons is highly entertaining - a battle of wills and the mind. I alternated between hating Lord William with a passion and feeling compassion for him. He's trapped in his station and his role - something he doesn't even realize until Annie bests him in more ways than one.Iain, especially, won my heart much like Jamie Fraser. He's strong, loyal, intelligent, "street smart" for his time, knowledgable, skilled, unafraid to take his place as a "laird". He's got the compassion for his men and the openness to listen to Annie and be a brother to Joseph and the Muhheconneok/Mahican tribe. Like Jamie, Iain suffers much for his noble and right decisions, including being flogged for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Like Jamie's men, Iain's men willing give everything they are (including their lives) to protect Iain and his.I was awed by this book, which is strange, because I've read so many really, really good books lately! But something about this book and its characters touched me deeply. I'm sad there are only 3 books in this series, because I think I could read about Mackinnnon's Rangers forever!