Highland Dawn (Druid's Glen, #3)

Highland Dawn (Druid's Glen, #3) - Donna Grant 2.5-3 starsI really, really wanted to like this book. It had so much potential... so much at stake here. Sure, no one wants to know exactly what happens next or exactly where the book will go. But this book devolved quickly into a fantasy-nightmare. Stripped of all we've known in this world, we're thrust into the land of the Fae, mind-control, and dragons. Unrequited love is so rampant, you just want to scream!Moira starts the book fairly strong. She's got her secrets and her weaknesses, but that's what makes a good character. But before long, she's almost a weak, helpless female - a woman trapped in a nightmare, under mind-control by a Fae. Except that she's a very powerful Druid. And she can't figure it all out? Even when she attempts to right the wrong, she insists upon doing it all on her own. There are some good reasons for that, but her plan just doesn't pan out. And I just have to ask... what is so horrible or bad or wrong about Moira's secrets?Darataryous puts up with so much from her. And yet, he's unable to see past his own immortality and embrace her love. Yes, I can empathize, but WHY DOES IT TAKE SO DANG LONG FOR THESE TWO TO FIGURE OUT THEIR PART OF THE PROPHECY? The book is virtually over!Then, suddenly, the bad guy is really just a misunderstood guy with a good heart... WHAT? HUH? Why water it all down so much?AND THEN Moira gets sucked into a Shadowland - much like the fantasy-nightmare again.It felt as if this book was written by a different author... one who really didn't pay attention to the storyline so far or the characters. Someone intent upon going down a very different path that MAKES NO SENSE! And there are still TOO MANY SECRETS! I know, I know... I've been down this road with this same author before. I should know better by now. She sucks me in with some really good plots and characters, and then she just blows it all towards the end of the series.Lesson learned.