Miss Isabella Thaws a Frosty Lord

Miss Isabella Thaws a Frosty Lord - Larissa Lyons 3.5+ starsA light-hearted romance... Miss Isabella is having a forbidden Christmas holiday at the home of her recently married friend, Anne. Isabella's "angel" mother is looking over her daughter, trying to wrest her from her horrid father, who's all but locked Isabella in their home. Her father is embarrassed by his daughter's blindness - a condition that happened only a few years ago; he wants her out-of-sight-out-of-mind, while he pursues his political career and makes more money.But her friend, Anne, is being guided somewhat by Isabella's mother to make a match between Isabella and her husband's close friend from the army, Lord Frostwood, known as Frost. Frost has had his own hellish childhood & family experiences, and for him, the Christmas season is anything but jolly; it only returns unhappy memories. For whatever reason, he's found himself joining his friend's house party. Frost decides to try to have a spot of fun, and he's intrigued by Isabella - the curl on her forehead that bounces as she taps her toe in the ballroom to the music. Frost practically barks a command at Isabella to dance with him, and Isabella promptly shuts down the frosty lord's imperious command and walks away. Something about not granting him his heart's desire sparks something within him. And so, the following day, when Anne pairs the two for a scavenger hunt, Frost is more than eager to get to know a bit more about Miss Isabella. Except that he discovers in a quite accidental way that she is blind; Anne thought her husband mentioned it, and the hubby thought Anne told Frost.To his credit, the news doesn't stop Frost's pursuit of Isabella. No, it intrigues him more. Especially when he discovers that her "afternoon constitutionals" are really her way of escaping the crowd and dancing in the ballroom to the musicians as they practice for the evening balls. But the closer he tries to get, the more Isabella puts him off. She believes that nothing can ever come from their flirtations, so she feels freer to engage Frost, thinking it nothing but harmless. Isabella fully expects to return to her previous life, even if that means being shut away by her father in a dull, faraway rundown family estate.But Lord Frost, Nicholas, is determined. So as he opens up to her, Isabella opens up to him. And away we go!This charming love story delights and entrances. Sure, it's fun and fluff, but the point is that it's FUN!