The Twelve Clues of Christmas (Her Royal Spyness Mysteries, #6)

The Twelve Clues of Christmas (Her Royal Spyness Mysteries, #6) - Rhys Bowen If you're not familiar with the Twelve Days of Christmas (the song and the tradition), I suggest you bone up a bit before reading this cozy little mystery....Admittedly, I didn't quite "get" this story until I did. Which is a sad thing for me to admit. But then the obvious clues fell into place.Once again, Her Royal Spyness, Georgie, finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery. This time, it's the mystery of a serial killer intent upon using the Twelve Days of Christmas as the inspiration. But why this little town? And why these people? What does it all mean?Trying to escape the drudgery of her penny-pinching sister-in-law and the awful, bone cold of their Scottish ancestral castle, Georgie answers an add to be a Social Hostess to a small house party over the Christmas holiday. Turns out the party is to be held in the same little town that her actress gad-about mother is going to be in, sharing a quaint cottage with none other than Noel Coward. Ostensibly, the two are working on a new play with a starring role for her mother, who says she's leaving her latest - a German financier. Georgie even manages to get her grandfather (mother's father) into the role of butler for her mother, to give his bronchitis a break from the cold and soot of London.So when Georgie lands the job, she's delighted. She gets to spend the holidays close to her family and play hostess to a delightful group of house guests...??? Turns out that the British family is facing the same awful taxes that most titled families are; so to keep their home, they've decided to host a lavish British Christmas for paying guests, many of whom are American.But is there a murderer among them?And Georgie can't believe her luck when Darcy turns up; he's cousins with the family! But how can she pursue romance with Darcy? He's penniless and his title is Irish. Being 30-something in line for the British crown, Georgie simply can't keep her heart and her family happy. Or can she?Darcy is more than handy as the bodies pile up. And together, Darcy and Georgie make quite the team, tracking down the culprit.Fun book - worth the wait! Hoping for the next book soon!