Undercover Heat

Undercover Heat - Danielle LaBue 3.5 starsThis book is quite the soap opera! But there's that glimpse inside the Hollywood life, and the reality that just because it shows up on E! or some entertainment show (or even on the news or in a newspaper) doesn't make it true.Ty Hollister has made it big after 5 years on the hit TV show, "Undercover Heat". He's now a big movie star making beau coup bucks and always followed by paparazzi. He's self-destructing, though, because he can't quite get over his ex... not his ex-wife, Layla, who broke up with him to become a lesbian and is now after every penny she can get, despite her 20-million dollar settlement. No, Layla is out to destroy Ty and everything he loves. Why? You'll just have to read to find out.Meanwhile, Ty is reuniting with his former co-star and love-of-his-life, Carrie Ann. Their TV show stopped abruptly five years ago, when Carrie Ann had a mysterious illness that caused her to quit the show. Ty and Carrie were close, everyone knew that. But what they didn't know is that Ty & Carrie were secret lovers... who just happened to find themselves pregnant. Carrie Ann is a former ballerina and part of a high-maintenance, high pressure, high morals family; it's no wonder she constantly struggled with anorexia. Her father is high-up in the Catholic church, working as a Deacon to the Archbishop of New York state.So when Ty discovered Carrie Ann, at the foot of the stairs, bleeding, where she passed out from hunger, it all hits the fan. Her family discovers she's pregnant out of wedlock. And somehow, somewhere during her hospital stay, Carrie Ann is forced to have their baby. The baby girl is pronounced still-born, but there's another secret there that involves her father and Ty...Ty took off from the hospital without seeing Carrie Ann. Her family was throwing around too many accusations and punches. And Ty figured that they were right: he was no good for her. But he lost his heart, head, and soul to her....So now that "Undercover Heat" is going to DVD, both Ty and Carrie Ann are bound to do the promotions for the DVD. And there's talk about possible movie deals to reunite their characters. But Carrie Ann wants nothing to do with Ty. And he can't seem to keep away from her... or stop trying to protect her from prying eyes and ears, demanding to know what really happened 5 years ago.Put that together with his vengeful ex, Layla, and Ty's got a hack photographer with a dubious background following his every move and conversation. So much hits the fan at every turn, you wonder if Ty and Carrie Ann can ever cut through all the crap to figure out what's really going on, what to do about it, and how to finally be together.That's the part you have to read for yourself. It's quite the romp! Sometimes fun, sometimes romantic, sometimes a tear-jerker... and sometimes you just want to hit or shoot someone! All the secrets - layers and layers of them. And they all have to be painfully revealed before anyone can get on with their lives.It's quite a book! And even better, it was free!