X Marks the Scot

X Marks the Scot  - Victoria  Roberts 3.5 starsThere's something very comfortable about this book... it plays by the rules of both Highland stories and romance stories. But it's... predictable. Well-written (I've come to expect that ebooks have typos in them) and picking up with Declan and Liadan from the 1st book, it's a great afternoon read with your favorite hot beverage and decadent box of chocolates.Declan isn't as swoon-worthy as in the 1st book, but that's because, despite being a "bad boy", Declan is really the hero and lovable good guy underneath it all. Lady Liadan Campbell is the 1/2 sister of 'the bloody Campbell', the Earl of Argyll - or the villain from book 1. We didn't get much of a sense of her in that first book, being that she was only at the very end. But in this book, we come to know her well.She's a beauty, intelligent, feisty, and a healer. With her 1/2 brother dead and the Campbell lands forfeit to Declan's brother, Ciaran McGregor, Lady Liadan has become a ward of King James I. In a somewhat convoluted way, King James is convinced to marry her off to Declan, who's won the Castle Campbell as part of the booty from an archery contest.Some back-and-forth between these two spirited people is to be expected. But it seems to drag on a bit... Just before it gets overly irritating, though, our author has the two call a truce. Both have discovered that they don't mind being around the other one bit.But the book is overly predictable, which is sad. There's a whole bit about secret passageways in the castle that Liadan has to teach to Declan that seems almost wasted. As does the bit about the little boy and his mother who were still living at the castle.A fun read... a good read... but not a *great* read.