Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll (SEALS, Inc., Book 1)

Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll - Mia Dymond Good thing this was a FREE ebook! The author has an interesting premise: NAVY SEALS undercover posing as a rock-n-roll BAND! That's a new one on me! I could see CIA or even FBI... but SEALs? Doesn't make sense, even if they're after terrorists.But this book is so uneven... it's like the author couldn't decide what the plot really was or decided that she had to "fill". And she keeps changing things. Case in point: At the beginning, our Hero makes point after point about the dreamy green eyes of our Heroine. But at the end of the book, he's talking about her *brown* eyes. Huh?Then there's the so-called plot about an architect (Heroine) who's supposedly helping a terrorist pass on his bombing plans. But when we start, our SEALs don't seem to have a handle on how it's happening. Nor do they seem to have sufficient evidence for a full-scale op on this gal.And the building of a rock star house... the book seems to take place in short amount of time, maybe a month? But not only does our Heroine draw up the architectural plans for his house (that we never see him approve), but the house is framed, burned, framed again, and partly built before being destroyed a 2nd time. Huh?The dynamite best friend, Cameron, and the main guard, Max, make this book. Love their interactions! Love Cameron!But, while I had several enjoyable moments reading this book, including a few LOL moments, overall, the book was too far-fetched, too uneven, and at times, poorly written.Sorry to say that I won't be continuing on with this series. (Although next book is Cameron's, and I'm tempted just for her!)