Sheet Music (Covert Attractions)

Sheet Music (Covert Attractions) - Tibby Armstrong 3-3.5 starsWhen the coupling begins at 10 pgs or so in.... well, you know what you're in store for.While I enjoyed this book, everything happened too fast. The overall plot line was predictable - the only surprise was "whodunnit" (who ratted to the paparazzi). OK, so our hero's circumstances weren't completely predictable, let's just say that it wasn't a huge surprise - a nice twist, but not a jaw-dropper.Now, predictable and fast aren't always bad... it's just that overall character development is somewhat lacking. We do get to see and uncover the layers to both of these people, but it's tough to really get to know them. Yes, I found myself caring about what happened, and enthralled with their story. Which is why I *like* the book and will likely give the 2nd book a look.But, I'm glad that this book wasn't very expensive - not in Kindle/ebook terms. I'd classify it as a novella - bigger than a short story, but waaaay short of an actual novel/book. I'm a fast reader, but this book took me all of... 2 hours (give or take a few minutes) to read.