The Dex-Files (Experiment in Terror, #5.7)

The Dex-Files - Karina Halle 4+ starsWOW! It's quite something being in Dex's head for a change.... it's spooky, sexy, scary, pervy, disturbing, and wild. But that's Dex for you.We get glimpses into events that have spanned the Experiment in Terror series from Dex's POV, starting with scenes from [b:Darkhouse|1685308|Darkhouse|Alex Barclay||1681934].It all seems so... logical and so ... Dex when we're in his head. Perry's theories about him deliberately being a jerk are explained, as is the reasons why he tries not to see ghosts, why he's attracted to Perry (and that is very real, very magnetic for him too, and very tough for Dex), and so many more of the WHYs and HOWs of Dex's actions over the series.Dex is as screwed up as Perry is. And I don't think he deliberately sets out to hurt her; he's just trying as hard as she is to protect himself from her, as she protects herself from him. They've both got major trust issues, which can be traced back to so much in each of their lives... Dex has been taking the easy way out, until he met Perry. He's frightened of her and attracted to her at the same time. He's such a guy, and while I still don't quite get the hockey game and the strip club, at least seeing it through his eyes helps me to see that he wasn't trying to hurt Perry. The whole thing with Jenn really did throw him for a loop.There's only hope for Dex, and for Dex and Perry together.