Wilde Thing (Wilde Series, #1)

Wilde Thing (Wilde Series, #1) - Janelle Denison 3+ starsWith the new release of [b:Lover At Last|13570854|Lover At Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11)|J.R. Ward|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1339084717s/13570854.jpg|19151084] and being in the middle of both Suzanne Brockman's Troubleshooter series and Elizabeth Hunter's Elemental Mysteries series, I did a lot of start-and-stop reading this book.It's a decent book, with plenty of steamy scenes and chemistry between the 2 principals, Steve and Liz. Problem is, all the action takes place within 1 week's time. And the two are in love somewhere in the middle of all of that. Now, I get falling in love hard and fast when you're no longer in your 20s; I'm not saying it can't happen, but it was really fast, especially for 2 people who've been guarding their hearts for so long.Besides which, there's kind of the problem of Steve being a PI (private investigator). He pretty much puts all his time and resources (supposedly) into Liz's case, trying to locate her missing, vapid, vain cousin Valerie. But see, there are much easier ways of getting the full name of the guy, Rob, that Valerie supposedly went away with. It doesn't take Liz having to join the fantasy phone-sex company that Valerie worked for AND manage to score a trip as a fantasy girl at a real party with Steve (supposedly a phone sex customer willing to ante up $1K for the night) within that one week's time. Again... all too much too fast. It never happens this way anywhere except Hollywood and in books. Why? Because it's too thin to prevent the stretch of credulity from finally breaking through the reader's/viewer's suspension of disbelief. WHY can't Steve or Liz manage to get hold of Valerie's employee file inside The Ultimate Fantasy company and just find out what phone number Rob has been calling in on? THEN they can track him.And, as it turns out, the mystery isn't much of a mystery. Valerie is just what she appeared to be, and there's no real reason for Liz to have worried herself into spending a fortune trying to track Valerie down. But at least Liz learns a lot about herself and is able to rid herself of unnecessary guilt over their childhood.But no... and I suppose that would take away the fun and sexiness of this book. Because Steve and Liz are fun and sexy together. Their love for caramel might not be unique or new, but it's sure HOT!!!