Out of Control (Troubleshooters, #4)

Out of Control (Troubleshooters, #4) - Suzanne Brockmann 4.5-5 stars (And 5 stars is really, really hard for me to give!)What can I say? This one was FAB! Loved that there was more of a light-heartedness feel to the book most of the way through. Sure, the situation in the jungle for Ken/Savannah, Alex, Molly/Jones isn't "light-hearted", but there was something other than intense gloom and doom at all times.I'll have to come back at another time and really review this book... not feeling well today. I want MORE of Rose's and Hank's story! I always love the WWII flashback stories as much or more than the present-day stuff, but this one was, amazing! And even better that Rose wrote a book that she was narrating for an audio book and that virtually everyone involved with the book is reading at one point or another. Great way to move that story along. I really want to know more about Rose and Hank after the war. All we know from Savannah is that her grandpa is dead....Wonder what happens with Jones next?I had a theory that perhaps George was closer to Alex than we thought. But Rose put an end to that at the end of the book. The Max-Alyssa stuff is... fascinating, and yet, it hurts my heart. Max, because he really is hung on Gina, and Alyssa, because of all the Sam stuff. Sam and his wife? Wow - don't get me started! My dad was a marine, and he often said to me that even when using protection it was drilled into him that you don't sleep with someone you can't see yourself married to. I only wish Sam had taken that to heart. (Good thing to live by, too.) If I didn't already know that Sam and Alyssa have another shot in book 6 (or after), I'd probably be ready to kill someone over all of this. What great angst! It'll be hard to top this one for me, but I'm hoping that Ms. B does it!