Our Husband

Our Husband - Stephanie Bond Got this as a free Kindle book, and then "read" the first 1/2 of the book on audio book on a road trip with my best friend. Have to say, audio books aren't my preferred medium - just takes too long to cover the same ground.The characters are quirky and funny, especially the 3 wives: Beatrix the snobby, aristocratic 1st wife; Natalie, the doctor 2nd wife; and Ruby the 21-year old stripper 3rd wife. Hard to believe that Raymond Carmichael could get away with being married to all 3, even in different states, for so long. The guy might be a player, but still.He's also got a bad gambling habit, as all 3 wives discover. There are a lot of secrets that Raymond has been keeping over the years... so when each is notified by a different person that traveling salesman Raymond had a car accident, the 3 wives end up meeting. And when Raymond sees all 3 in the same hospital room, he has a heart attack... one that he never recovers from.The book is a bit confusing. From the description and the beginning, you think you're following Natalie, the 2nd wife, who's the doctor. But in reality, you're trading off through all 3 wives' recollections of her time with Raymond and her trials as each of the wives, individually and collectively, is arrested for Raymond's murder. The facts are a bit muddled - too muddled to figure out the Whodunnit, even though aspects of whodunnit are somewhat obvious.So while the book is funny and quirky, it's disjointed. Is it Natalie's story and the developing romance with Brian, the pawn-shop owner who she's trying to avoid? Or is it the story of the 3 wives?Even the ending is a bit sappy and all-encompassing... and some of the hijinks of the wives is beyond believable. But it's funny and fun and a great summer read - especially if you get it for free!