What Happens in Scotland

What Happens in Scotland - Jennifer McQuiston 3.5-4 starsReally liked this book! I was looking for something "light" and fun, and this book fit the bill. Take one young widowed English woman who's trying to take a break from the ton right before she goes back into the whirlwind and completely sheds her morning. Add in a yummy titled Scottish Highlander who's the 2nd son and a barrister. Throw in a night of drinking and a possible wedding between these two when the English woman tells the Scottish barrister that she's trying to escape someone she's afraid of... and you've got "What Happens In Scotland"!The biggest question of did-they-or-didn't-they is the bulk of the book, as each wakes up and tries to reconstruct the night before and its events. Plus neither is quite sure of the other's name... and SHE managed to break the washbasin over HIS head while "escaping" him and her shame that morning.It's quite a romp. Just when it seemed as if the all the mystery and near-misses of meeting one another was getting old, the author took us down another path all together, keeping the fun alive, but redirecting our hero and heroine.If you're looking for a light, fun, romantic-comedy with a bit of steam and a yummy Scotsman, this is your book!