Bared to You (Crossfire, #1)

Bared to You (Crossfire, #1) - Sylvia Day =====Current read June 2013Still 3.5 starsIt would be more, except that Eva is still so unsure of what she wants and so insecure about it, she drives me a little crazy. Gideon takes the blame when she shares it; Eva usually realizes this and apologizes later.And while, yes, I definitely see FSOG as the outline for this book (again), this story and its characters are just done so much better. It's a fairly well-written story. It grabs me not just for the hot, steamy sex scenes (and they're HOT), but also for the relational part. For the characters involved. It makes me CARE, not just wander about wide-eyed, wondering what's next in their shocking sexcapades. It's got DIALOGUE that goes beyond excessive whining, yelling, and "Don't be mad at me".======1st reading: Jan 2, 20133.5 starsWhile it might seem like a FSOG knock-off, it's WAY BETTER than that series could ever be. Let's hope the other 2 books in this trilogy stand up.There's actual DIALOGUE and PLOT here... and the characters are multilayered and nuanced in a way that makes them believable, even when unbelievable stuff is going on.OK, my beef is that our Heroine, Eva, is somewhat of a whiner. She's OK with casual sex, and yet immediately she's jealous and possessive of Mr. Gideon Crossfire. She almost demands a relationship, while demanding that's not what she wants. That bit of business is enough to throw off a .5 star on what should be a 4-star rated book. It almost seemed as if part-way through Ms. Day suddenly felt compelled to bring in enough FSOG elements (like a whiny, mixed-signals heroine) to keep the book interesting. Wish she hadn't.But delving into book #2. Can't understand why book #3 is so far off - May?