Rock Hard (The Sinners on Tour)

Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning 3.5 starsNot as into this book as the 1st one... Sed & Jessica seem to be well-matched in terms of libido, but her screaming and 5+ "O's" per session were just too much. I also didn't like the "poor me" attitude that Jessica seemed to have. Or Sed's seeming personality transplant from the 1st book. I guess we just saw a different side to him. But this is the girl that supposedly broke his heart 2 years ago... the girl he was engaged to when she left him after they'd been together all of, what, 3 months or so? Yeah. These rock stars fall fast and fall hard.The extra drama with Trent's head injury and then drug recovery, which can ONLY be handled by Sed and Jessica... a lot of it was good. But it seemed convenient that Sed was the only one who could really see what was happening. I see his forceful, responsible personality making him the "father" of the group and taking on Trent. And he does this with the blessing and help of Trent's own father; but still... seems risky. And to have Jess along for the ride? Hmmm... Always some suspension of disbelief.The steam is HOT, no doubt. And it's obvious that Sed is head-over-heels for Jessica. Personally, though, I just don't find Jessica to be all that. Only Myrna seems to see Jessica for who and what she is; Myrna likes Jessica, don't get me wrong. But she doesn't coddle her like the others do. While Jessica is supposedly sick of only being viewed and treated like a sex goddess, she doesn't seem to do much to thwart it. She almost plays into it, as if she doesn't know any other way. And she probably doesn't.But the law school stuff... yeah. Fell flat for me.Because there's a lot of good stuff about the band and a good look at Sed, I'll stick with a 3.5-4 star rating.