Peach Cobbler Murder (Hannah Swensen Mysteries)

Peach Cobbler Murder - Joanne Fluke Love the confectionary qualities of the Hannah Swensen books... but I'm a bit frustrated at Hannah -- how long can she go on dating 2 men without choosing 1 to settle with? Especially when both men propose to her on the same night? Just pick one!OK, I realize Ms. Fluke is not the only one to tease us in a chick-lit, pseudo-mystery with 2 men (*cough* Janet Evanovich *cough*). But Hannah seems more sensible to me and less flighty than other main characters.Anyway, as incorrect as it is to say, I was glad to see Shawna Lee and her sister, Vanessa, get their comeuppance in this book. Obviously smitten with Mike (one of the 2 men in Hannah's life), both sisters try their best to create uncomfortable situations for Hannah -- including opening a rival bakery. But get this: they're purchasing the goodies and not baking them!!! Really? How long could that go on? A fancy decorated place and 2 sexy women don't make up for good pastry. Or do they? We'll never know, because, despite being a suspect, Hannah and her "crew" get busy and uncover the truth about the sisters, their bakery, and their new fortune. Hannah and her sister Andrea even finally uncover the truth about Winthrop -- Hannah's mother's impossibly perfect English Lord suitor.