Twice Upon a Time (Lovers' Leap, #2) - Olivia Cunning Once again, I'm reading this book because I'm sort of hooked on the characters and what's next... not because they're all that well-written. And I still find it difficult to believe these are recent works by Olivia Cunning of the Sinners series...We pick up in the desert, where we left Reece and Lara after they did a "leap" through time into another set of bodies. In this case, a wife in the harem of a rich, influential sheik and the eunuch guarding her. Yep, eunuch. So how is it that the eunuch can have sex with the wife, you ask? No clue. Thought it might have something to do with Reece occupying his body and being anything other than a eunuch. But that doesn't seem to be the case.We spend A LOT of time in this desert place, trying to uncover the mystery of who wants the wife or the eunuch or both dead. There's a lot of sex - m-f-f, m-m-f-f, and so on... Once again, these books seem to be an attempt to write varied, hot sex scenes and then string them together into a time travel romance. Except it doesn't quite work... the stories aren't all that well-written or even well though out. It's odd.I guess because I want to know Reece's secret and how things will end for Reece and Lara - and whether Carl is really the bad guy or not - that keeps me reading.Alas, there is no book #3 yet. So we leave feudal Japan, where Reece and Lara take on another pair of lovers... and leap into a ship scenario and major cliff-hangar.No clue about the next book, not even when it's out. Good thing these things are cheap; and I hate that I'm sucked in enough to want the next book. Ugh!