Blue Bells Of Scotland

Blue Bells of Scotland - Laura Vosika At first, I was skeptical about this book... an orchestra "rock star"? Changing places with a highland double from 1314? It seemed like a cheesy beginning...But as I read, the story surprised me! Niell Campbell (from 1314) has a great deal of faith. His prayers affect both timelines -- the present and the past. Rather than treating faith like a joke, the story embraces it. The contrast between the easy living in the present with the ever-present danger in the past -- in this timeline, we don't face constant danger from predatory animals, other clans, or a powerful foe like England. We don't have to hunt and gather to eat every day. The blessings of the present contrast starkly with the reality of life in the 1300s - and indeed, until just 100 or so years ago.While it is a fantasy, the story lovingly poses the question for each reader: What if you were suddenly in another time and place, knowing your "twin" from that time to be in yours?