Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James 3.5 starsI got really irritated by this book... If Ana would only DO WHAT SHE SAYS SHE'S GOING TO DO, half of the arguments wouldn't happen! And of course, Christian is overbearing and over-protective; unfortunately, he's almost always right.The stuff with Leila was... upsetting. I would have been as upset as Ana was over Christian being alone with Leila in Ana's apartment and what happened between them. Yes, Christian felt responsible and was trying to help Leila. But his feelings don't make a whole lot of sense, especially when you get to Book #3. When Leila forces a meeting with Christian in that book, he claims that she means nothing to him. Huh? So Ana goes out of her way to prove to him that he did have feelings for Leila. UGH!The only other irritation is that so much happens in so little time. No wonder they're always arguing! The two of them barely have time to turn around! Five big events tend to happen in the same day or within 48 hours.But the charity ball is outstanding and fun! And much of this book is fun, too. Just get rid of the 1/2 of the arguments and stretch the events out a bit... maybe we could all take a breath!