Reflected in You (Crossfire, #2)

Reflected in You (Crossfire, #2) - Sylvia Day =======Current Read (re-read) June 2013A lot of high drama and high emotions. I just with that Eva would have a bit more patience and trust in Gideon. But I get that it's one of her first "real" relationships - something she's fighting for, so she's learning as she goes.========Original Read: Jan 20132.5-3 starsWow... so much good and so much mediocrity! Character development and yet... I liked this book, and it makes sense in the overall 3 book story arc. But Eva almost devolves again. And Gideon becomes a real jerk. OK, good reasons for all of it, but still... And Cary?Gotta love Eva's mom, Monica, her dad, and even her step-dad. But there seemed to be a missed opportunity for real drama with Miumi's (sp?) blind date situation. Love Shawna, Mark, and Steven; even liked the celebrity chef being thrown in. The rock band thing? Well, inevitable, I suppose, and interesting enough.But... just hoping that book #3 doesn't feel so much like a sell-out. It seems as if Ms. Day gave in to editorial/publishing pressure to make this too much like FSOG - or at least in the same caliber. Except Ms. Day's strong characters and writing save the day - pun intended.