Under His Command (Six-Alarm Sexy)

Under His Command - Kristine Cayne This book contains some mild BDSM and is somewhere in the mid-steamy category... not vulgar or trashy.It's the story of Jamie and his wife Rickie (Erica) in 2014 Seattle. They met 5 years ago and had some wild, mild BDSM sex for one night; both agreed no strings attached and just one night. But despite using protection, Rickie becomes pregnant. Firefighter Jamie is 6-ish years older than Rickie's 21, and he's rather established in his career, moving up the ranks. While we don't see the actual scene between them, we learn that the two got married and had a little girl, Chloe.Apparently, there's a short story in another book (an anthology of 5-6 stories) that gives more details about their marriage using the backdrop of Rickie and Chloe being trapped in a bad 2014 earthquake. Which is too bad, really, 'cuz I'm not buying the other book just to get the details, and I felt I missed out on a lot.Regardless, Rickie had asked Jamie for a divorce. Each thinks the other only agreed to the marriage because of Chloe. Jamie thinks he ruined Rickie's chance at law school and a career; she's classy and controlled. Rickie thinks that Jamie stays with her out of obligation only; and she knows that their sex life is messed up. Jamie is dominant in the bedroom - or tries to be; but Rickie's upbringing with a single mom in a trailer, witnessing her mother being beaten down (often literally) trying to hang on to the latest guy has her running in fear of Jamie's Dom.For Jamie, he is a Dom, but he doesn't have to live the lifestyle 24/7, nor does he require every sexual encounter to be a scene. He really does try with Rickie, and when she shies away from his dominant side, he tries to become more sensitive and giving. Except that Rickie really wants Jamie to be the way he was in the bedroom that first encounter; she knows she's given a lot of mixed signals and doesn't know what to do about it. Miserable, she thinks the only way is divorce - which neither of them really want.Both of them have been trying to be what they *think* the other wants. As usual, COMMUNICATION is shot with these two. They're so busy walking on eggshells, they can't even see or know they other. But in the wake of the earthquake, they both want to try to put their marriage back together.So off they go to Oahu on the honeymoon they never had. But can Rickie explain what she wants and needs and trust Jamie enough to go through with it? Will Jamie stop apologizing for everything (including when he thinks he's too rough) and listen to what Rickie really needs?One thing that kinda bugged me was that if Jamie is such a Dom wouldn't he KNOW what Rickie really wants? I guess the idea is that both are so insecure and unsure and trying too hard to be someone else, that Jamie pushes that side of him away.I was also surprised at her constant fear at his job. They were married for 4+ years for heaven's sake! Shouldn't she have gotten used to the possibility that he could die on every job?His "mastery" with fire play was also a surprise - kinda cool, but... If he hasn't done this for 5+ years (pre-Rickie), WHY would he try it now? It makes for fun reading and all, but still... seems to me he's taking an awful risk experimenting on her during this 1 week honeymoon. (Although, how would he practice on anyone else? That would jeopardize everything and isn't what he wants, so yeah - Catch 21.)This book is hot, but in a *real relationship* way. It's not sex for sex's sake or BDSM to titillate. It's the story of a man who is more than a Dom in the bedroom, in his love for his wife, and in his everyday life. It puts a new spin on the so-called "alpha male" that we see as Dom in so many books these days. Jamie doesn't come across as overly arrogant or always knowing best (especially in the bedroom); he simply asks for Rickie's trust and tries to be who he is and who she wants him to be, but gradually - not all at once.