To Tame a Highland Warrior (The Highlander Series, Book 2)

To Tame A Highland Warrior - Karen Marie Moning Loved finding out more about the character of Grimm from the Highlander #1 (Beyond the Highland Mist). But I wondered how it was that Grimm kept this "secret" side of himself hidden throughout that book? Was it only because Grimm was more of a background character?And, of course, the minute we see a note with the name "Jillian", we know that she's his true love... the one this dark, tormented hero thinks he can never have. *sigh* Why do these books appeal so much? Why does the hero have to be dark, tormented, a loner... a "bad boy"? Part of me recoils to think that books like these continue this myth/misunderstanding in both men and women. Maybe it's because the story is set in the past, in a much different time and place, when there were such different expectations of both men and women? Maybe that's why we can excuse and dismiss it? But then, one of my favorite series of all time, the Outlander series, doesn't portray men and women this way, and I suppose that when is all said and done, that's why that story and those characters stay with me.This series falls into the "guilty pleasures" category... the characters and stories fill your senses and leave them tingling. Throw in some sci-fi, fantasy, and steam, and well... It's like eating that big piece of dark chocolate cake... you know you shouldn't, but you just can't help yourself. And after the first taste, you know you're going to have to finish that humongous piece and maybe the entire cake, all by yourself! I can't say I didn't enjoy the book, even if the overall plot was transparent. It was the journey of getting there - the discoveries that Grimm and Jillian make along the way - that made it so pleasurable and addicting. And I love the way that the story came full-circle, back to Hawk and Adrienne.