The Highlander's Touch (The Highlander Series, Book 3)

The Highlander's Touch - Karen Marie Moning Initially, I wasn't sure about this book. I was thrilled (in a horror sort of way) to find Adam Black was back. Circenn Brodie seemed a threatening and worthy hero. But the opening with Lisa seemed to drag on (IMO)... I didn't really care about her yet to know that level of detail. But I recognize that it was necessary Backstory for the rest of the book. It just seemed a bit tedious!But... as soon as Lisa finds herself time traveling and lands in Circenn's room (just as he's stepping out of the bath, no less), I couldn't put it down! With Adam Black meddling (again) with a h/h match and time traveling involved... As heroines go, I wasn't sure that I liked Lisa that much. She was plucky and persistent and all that, and I realize her mom's illness and the circumstances of her father's death played into who she had become. But it took me seeing her through Circenn's eyes to realize that Lisa was a worthy heroine.Yes, there was a bit of repetition with Highlander #1 that I noticed in the storyline, so all--in-all, this wasn't my favorite of the Highlander series.