Beyond the Highland Mist (The Highlander Series, Book 1)

Beyond the Highland Mist (The Highlander Series, Book 1) - Karen Marie Moning Beyond the Highland Mist is my first Karen Marie Moning book. I'm a sucker for a good highland romance!The premise: a modern day woman who "hates men" is transported into the 13th century Scotland Higlands and forced to marry a god-like warrior known for being a womanizer. Reading that description was intriguing, but it felt like it might be "just another" romance. In fact, it sort of felt that way at first...until I learned the faeries were involved, especially Adam Black/Puck, that I decided this wasn't just another romance... and then, when Hawk's friend, Grimm, makes the wish on the falling star... I was hooked.Of course there were questions I kept asking myself. Like WHY is Hawk so in love with this woman he barely knows? Is it jealousy? Is it only because she refuses his advances? Hawk seemed to fall hard and fast, but other than him drooling over her body or marveling at her rebuffs, he didn't seem to really be in love with Adrienne. Was it because he was expecting "mad Janet" and got her instead? I guess perhaps he's not even sure, himself, which is WHY Hawk keeps coming back to her despite her cruel, angry snubs. WE know she's trying to keep her distance because of her one-and-only "romance" with a selfish, beautiful man who used and abused her. But Hawk can only suspect. Was it when he tried to save her when she was poisoned, and he heard her muttering about "Ever-hard"? Was it trying to save her from the many attempts on her life? Hard to tell.I did find it amusing that it was the man in such hot pursuit. His lessons on how to tame falcons were... incredible!And somewhere in all of that, it seems that Hawk and Adrienne do find love. Maybe when they realize that she can be ripped back into her own time at the whim of powers neither of them understand. That seems to be the turning point for both of them - something more than lust and power over the other. The lengths to which Hawk goes to get Adrienne back were amazing and oh so romantic!Quite an enjoyable read!