Spell of the Highlander (Highlander Series #7)

Spell of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning This book just MIGHT be my favorite of the entire series! Although at the end of the book, the author promises more stories along this line, and while I haven't read the Fever series yet, I somehow doubt that the Keltars come back into play. Which is such a shame!I wanted to know what happened to Adam Black. In a paragraph at the end of the book through Aiobheal, the author intimates that Black dies. But at the end of the last book, he has a couple of kids and is happy. This particular storyline doesn't seem to take place all that long past the Adam Black thing, because the shattering of the wards that allow the Dark Mirror to be stolen occur when Adam gives up part of his immortality to save Daegus... and we know that Adam and Daegus interacted after that. So I'm not really sure where we are, time-wise.And the copper-haired, shimmery-eyed "man" who approaches Lucan and appears to be helping him... who is that? Where are Ciercinn and his mate in all of this? Hmmm...But back to this book. I've groused about most of the heroines of these books. But I *like* Jessi - very much! She wasn't a cookie-cutter copy from a previous book. At least, I didn't think so; something about her made me really like her.LOVE the Highlander - quite a Keltar! Love the interaction with the other Keltars, especially Daegus.Probably much more that I could say, but all I can say is that if you like this series, you will LOVE this book!